Supporting BIPOC youth’s ambitions through opportunities, connections, and resources.

Every child has their own unique idea of success, and we want to help Black, Indigenous, people of color youth and families in resource-scarce communities pursue these ideas to their fullest potential.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Star Players Academy’s mission is to provide Black, Brown, Indigenous, and People of Color in low-income communities with the opportunities, connections, and resources they need to build fulfilling and successful futures.

The Star Players Way

Poverty is a powerful barrier to entry into secondary education and the professional workforce for any child, but especially for Black, Indigenous and children of Color. Not only do majority BIPOC communities struggle with poverty at a higher rate than White communities in the first place, but systemic racism in education, the criminal justice system, housing, and in medicine, fuel the cycle of poverty and raise the barrier to success even higher.

We understand there is no one marker of success, that there are many ways a child can break the cycle of poverty. This is why Star Players Academy strives to work within low-income communities to meet families’ needs through sports camps, mentorship programs, community events, grants, and more. We wish to provide resources where they are scarce, giving children the opportunity to cultivate dreams of all sizes.

What we provide

BIPOC Youth Football Camps

Through tutoring, sports camps, and college & job preparedness

Through mentorship and community-wide networking
BIPOC Resource Distribution
Through scholarships, grants, and access to supplies and technology

Events & Blog

Troy and Jazzy’s Back-to-School Recap

Over the summer Troy and Jazzy hosted a back-to-school event for 60 foster students at the Phoenix Airport School. The …

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Troy Hill Joins Cleveland Browns

Troy Hill is Coming Home!

After five successful years with the LA Rams, Troy is returning home to Ohio as the newest cornerback for the Cleveland Browns.

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Meet the Founders

Get to know the Founders

Get to know the passion and people behind this great foundation. Introducing Troy Hill and Jazz Bradbury.

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